Powering Your Home With Solar Power Has Never Been Easier

  • Financing Options available: Own your System with $0 down!
  • Federal Solar Tax Credit available. (we help w/all paperwork)
  • We provide ongoing Monitoring & Support Services
  • Sustainable Clean Energy Resource
  • Increase your Home Value
  • Dramatically Decrease your Power Bill | Average Savings of 75%

See How Much More You Could Be Saving!

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Dedicated to Powering Maryland’s Homes

  • Installing solar panels for Maryland customers for 7+ years
  • Get 30% off your system in the form of a Federal Tax Credit
  • Maryland is offering $1000 grants

Power Your Home & Get Paid to Feed the Power Grid

Solar (PV) Panels generate electricity by converting the sun’s energy to electricity. This is energy that is already hitting your house and going to waste. Solar cells that make up the solar panels capture the sun’s energy and create electricity.

The electricity is then converted (by an Inverter) to the same type of electricity that your utility company provides to your home. The lights and appliances in your home can then use this electricity and any “extra” unused electricity is essentially sold back to the utility company (Grid Connected) using Net-Metering.

View a Real Time Solar Power
Monitoring System

sales and electricity consumption at home

Why Choose 21st Century Power Solutions?

We Help Our Customers
Achieve Their Goals

By providing them with ongoing-support from design stage through installation and beyond.

21st Century Solar Solutions has been installing solar panels in the Mid Atlantic region for over 7 years. Our goal is to maximize energy production by using the highest quality solar energy products available on the market today. We follow up with our customers after the solar panel install to make sure they are 100 percent satisfied with their purchase.

To ensure the consistent performance of our product, we conduct 24 hour monitoring & provide our clients full access to energy reports available online!

Professional Installation, Service & Monitoring. 4 Reasons Why Our Clients Love Us:

  • We offer 10 year warranty on wire connections and roof penetration
  • We “flash” all roof penetrations to prevent leaks
  • We complete and submit all paperwork for designs, permits, inspections & incentives where applicable
  • We provide on going monitoring & support services so that you can watch your investment save!

Customer Testimonials


21st Century Power Solutions delivers the superior benefits of clean, effective and environmentally responsible solar power to the homes and businesses of Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC.

We strive to provide the professional, on-time and on-budget work that our customers will appreciate and benefit from for a lifetime. Solar power is an investment in the future – the future of our planet as a whole and the future of individual residences, businesses, and government agencies who want to take control of growing utility bills and help reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign energy. 21st Century Power Solutions is part of a proud network of solar companies who are moving towards a future of clean, renewable energy sources.


Our Credentials

In keeping with our highest quality standards and as another way of proving our commitment to upholding these standards, 21st Century Power Solutions believes strongly in education, training, and aligning ourselves with those professional organizations that will help us exceed our customers’ expectations and further their energy goals.


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